The role of IT consultancy in industry 4.0

The role of IT consultancy in industry 4.0

The role of IT consultancy in industry 4.0


The fourth industrial revolution brought a series of technological innovations to Italy that are affecting the business models of each sector, leading to radical transformations dictated by the possibilities offered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

To follow these trends and the constant evolution of the markets, each company must be ready to take advantage of the opportunities offered by industry 4.0 as much as possible. The advantages can be substantial, from the improvement of the industrial production chain to the consolidation of trust between brand and customer, due to a better quality of the final product.

However, finding your way around this new reality is not easy, especially for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises. This is why companies rely with increasing conviction on companies that are able to provide strategic advice that can lead to a renewal of all business processes.

The role of consultancy therefore becomes crucial for business transformation. The consultant is called to intervene directly on the company's mentality and operations, providing customized skills and solutions to effectively respond to market challenges: from the implementation of innovative technologies to the careful analysis of large amounts of data, from cyber security the digitalization of the business, without forgetting the drafting of a recruiting plan to ensure specialized personnel.

The advantages of IT consulting

Internet & Idee, as a company operating in IT consultancy and design, aims to create added value for its customers, through the constant study of evolving technologies and the analysis of the specific situation of the customer. Here are some benefits for companies that choose to take advantage of IT consultancy:

  • have an expert and trusted figure you can count on for any problem, be it technical, strategic or directional;
  • possibility of using specialist solutions aimed at managing IT systems, processes and services;
  • possibility of having immediate and qualified assistance;
  • have a professional team constantly updated on new technologies;
  • resource optimization.

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