Make the switch to a modern and professional telephone switchboard with our VoIP solution

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by VoIP technologies to introduce new opportunities in your company! With ICOSpbx you can overcome all the limits of traditional solutions that impose high management costs and make business growth more difficult.

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Integration with Third Party Software

Phone Calls Recording

IVR: Automatic Call Router

Dedicated Customer Service

ICOSpbx is the ideal solution for companies that prefer an advanced telephone switchboard that simultaneously reduces the telephone and maintenance costs of the traditional switchboard.

The Benefits of ICOSpbx Voip

  • Small investment
  • Single switchboard for multiple locations
  • Simplified configuration via web interface
  • High scalability
  • Possibility to choose a completely virtual solution
  • Possibility to avoid a physical phone (software and headset)
  • Management of waiting music for opening and closing times
  • Reduced management costs
  • Answering machine and sending welcome messages
  • Real-time cost analysis
  • Report on calls made by each extension
  • No need for dedicated wiring
  • Possibility to use smartphones as cordless phones
  • Prepaid credit management
  • Free calls between remote locations
  • Phone calls recording

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