Technological innovation

We love to be update by developing highly innovative digital solutions, from Big Data to IoT, from Business Intelligence solutions to Blockchain.

Technological innovation is in our DNA

In recent decades, technological innovation has literally altered our daily lives, invading all areas of business as well, from entertainment to medicine, from communication to aerospace research, embracing processes in which thousands of people dedicated to research, experimentation, and design are involved; men and women who in their field of reference shape and influence the market, reflecting the result of their work in direct and indirect monetary flows, altering, in fact, our worldview. It is clear, therefore, that technological innovation cannot and should not be considered sectorial and distant from our daily lives, whatever our interests and work activities may be.
Internet & Idee has always been careful to all the processes that concern technological innovation, investing in different areas and sectors with the aim of identifying and developing better solutions and products, as satisfying as possible for the end consumer.

Big Data. One of the most deep and widespread
evolutions in the digital world.

At the heart of every technological evolution is data. Just think about our daily lives and the interaction we have with social networks alone to understand how much data is constantly being generated, an impressive amount of heterogeneous data to store and analyze.
Being able to analyze a large amount of data (Big Data Analytics) allows companies to better direct their investments and direct business in a more conscious way, from process efficiency to flow management, from communication to competitive factor improvement.

Big Data Analytics and data exploitation

We define and implement the best Big Data Analytics strategies to have the ability to get valuable information to innovate and better focus your business.

Data-driven decision-making processes

We help build data-driven decision-making processes based on leveraging data, extracting useful information to help companies revise governance models.

Information security and privacy

We implement cutting-edge solutions to keep the data and information secure - including in terms of regulatory compliance - critical to your business strategy.

IoT: the new technological revolution

Internet few years ago was linked to the use of the personal computer, today it has pervaded any object, allowing it to interact by transferring information from the real to the digital world and vice versa. The Internet of Things (IoT) has effectively taken us into a new dimension in which every object around us takes on its own digital identity. Objects that acquire "intelligence": watches that detect vital signs and transmit them to our online medical records, refrigerators that can catalog the food stored in them, cars that dialogue with their surroundings, making our lives easier, are just small examples of how the IoT has pervaded our daily lives.

Our commitment to the Internet of Things

From design, to sensors, to development

We provide complete products and solutions, from sensor to applications. We support you in the design and development of your new device

We give the right value to your data

We adopt Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to value data and implement controls on connected devices.

We make your project profitable

By your side to identify business models, applications, and analytical tools that can give value to your project and make the most of it

Business Intelligence. Getting the most out of your data

New technological frontiers make it possible to make decisions and implement actions aimed at improving business processes, based on Business Intelligence solutions.
A BI solution, by combining strategies and technologies aimed at collecting, analyzing and interpreting data - increasingly varied and unstructured - as well as from heterogeneous sources, provides a more linear and structured overview, allowing you to have useful insights to support and grow the business, for example by eliminating waste, improving productivity, identifying and reducing inefficiencies, and increasing the perception of the company by customers or potential customers.
Our experience in analyzing and optimizing procedures allows us to pick up on critical issues in the client's organization and propose Business Intelligence technology solutions that can simplify, standardize processes, and get useful information for process improvement right away.

Blockchain. Decentralization watchword.

More and more venture capitalists and forward-looking investors are betting on a technological future centered on the decentralization of data, with the possibility of creating complex, secure and traceable structures.
Blockchain today represents the most advanced solution for implementing this innovative vision. The decentralization of data, no longer relegated to a specific repository but distributed among multiple nodes, the traceability of individual transactions, the transparency and immutability of information, and the possibility of certified and secure transactions, effectively make it possible to exchange value over the Internet without the use of intermediaries.
From banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies to academia, from e-voting to buying and selling real estate and cars, blockchains are powerfully making inroads to replace legacy systems.

We are your trusted partner for developing decentralized applications that leverage blockchain, from Wallet integration to writing Smart Contracts and Dapps.

The New Frontier of Intelligent Algorithms

The base of all new technological solutions that produce large amounts of data, is Machine Learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence, enables the creation of automatic and intelligent processes that can process data and extract useful information from it aimed at taking specific actions, including automatic ones; intelligent algorithms generate experience, in a learning like the human one.
The Machine Learning has not the constraint of developing algorithms that respond punctually to every situation; it is the algorithm itself that learns, develops its own logic and acts on specific predictive models.
A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at task in T, as measured by P improves with experience E – Tom Mitchell (1995)

What we do with Machine Learning

Big Data processing

We use our intelligent algorithms to process large amounts of data and automate the construction of analytical models.

Predictive modeling

We develop models to extract knowledge from data and make predictions or forecasts about the future behavior of the variables considered.