Data Intelligence e Analytics

Decisions are founded upon knowledge. Extracting knowledge from business information is one of our primary strategies.

Accelerate your business
by turning data into knowledge

The information technology tools available today allow us to easily retrieve vast amounts of data, from which the need to derive useful information becomes more and more incessant. Relying on Data Intelligence tools and methodologies is essential to extract useful knowledge to improve and evolve business processes.
The timely and intelligent analysis of data in its clearest form enables the recovery of valuable insights into the state of the art of a product or service, but it provides a predictive view capable of identifying potential critical issues, as well as becoming aware with respect to market trends and evolutions or validating theories or hypotheses. Today, more than ever, it becomes critical to turn information into action, and data analytics tools are key to this.
Internet & Idee supports companies with cutting-edge services and solutions that help them get the most out of their data and processes. Our certified experts are always at your side to develop useful strategies and applications to extract knowledge to support your business decisions. Accelerate Your business!

Extracting knowledge from Big Data with Cloud Computing

The analysis of large amounts of data, more or less structured, requires advanced tools, environments and techniques capable of making the process simple and efficient; specifically, it becomes essential to leverage Cloud Computing solutions capable of decentralizing storage and subsequent analysis through Data Intelligence systems. Companies are therefore called upon to reorganize infrastructure and resources aimed at channeling traditional sources (internal servers, storage systems, etc.) into cloud-based data warehouses.
Internet & Idee can guarantee, in a very short time, the implementation of all necessary infrastructures, ensuring continuity of services to the customer without interruption.

Current Data Intelligence and Analytics tools enable us to increase process efficiency, fine-tune strategies, monitor and improve business results.

Some of our services for intelligent data analysis

Accurate predictive models

We develop systems that can provide accurate future predictions, useful for improving performance in any domain.

Big Data Solutions

We analyze large volumes of data to derive useful information for the business population at every organizational level.

Real-Time Analytics

We implement secure and scalable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to gain rapid insights.