Computer services and consulting for banks and financial

Banks and Financial

Internet & Idee provides IT and consulting services for the banking and financial sectors. It is engaged in the realization and management of financial and banking software and provides support in corporate and operational organization.

Banks and Financial

Banks and Financial

There are a number of financial operators in the national panorama who use the technologies provided by Internet & Idee to support their business strategies.

The approach to the banking and financial sector has always been dual: on the one hand, by providing proprietary products derived from the experience gained in the world of credit collection and, on the other hand, by providing consultancy in the corporate and operational organization.

We propose ourselves as a partner capable of offering an integrated offer in a sector that is subject to sudden changes, which are translated in the need to quickly shift and adapt to remain aligned with market needs.

Among the most significant products offered in the banking and finance world we can boast:

  • Workflow management solutions
  • Advanced credit collection solutions
  • Scoring and profiling proprietary algorithms
  • Business intelligence and analytics solutions
  • Business continuity and IT consulting