ADV SMM e Performance Marketing

By using the best web marketing techniques, business can grow and achieve amazing results and extraordinary performance.

The best marketing strategy for your company

Thanks to the new social platforms and the increasingly manned digital channels, Digital Marketing- whether oriented toward promoting a brand (brand awareness) or marketing products or services-cannot but be part of medium- to long-term business strategies. Today, more than ever, it is important to know how to manage the online presence using specific tools and techniques to achieve the desired result: SEO, Social Media Marketing, e-mail marketing, Digital Advertising, Marketing intelligence, etc.
Online activities must be aligned to offline ones, integrated and synergistic, not oriented exclusively to the promotion of the product/service, but also designed to improve the customer experience and foster relationships in a multichannel context. Reaching the goal requires expertise, strategic editorial plans, hi-tech tools of analysis and synthesis; in all this Internet & Idee is your trusted partner, to face any kind of challenge with strategy, expertise and professionalism.
More than 1 in 4 people know about new brands, products or services through adv on social platforms, a result not far from the TV.

Performance Marketing. To achieve Result

Among all Digital Advertising activities, Performance Marketing is the one that most winks at all those techniques aimed at increasing conversions, maximizing sales of products/services, consolidating one's position in the market, and promoting the brand by determining a tangible advantage over competitors.
Our specialists, after careful analysis of the set goal and using the latest Business Intelligence technologies, plan the most suitable and strategic marketing campaigns: Lead Generation, Search or Display advertising, Landing page, etc., evaluating the most convenient form of payment and able to achieve the best result with the least economic expenditure. Periodic and scrupulous optimization of campaigns is our strong point, which allows us to obtain the maximum ROI.

We maximize the investment. We optimize performance. We increase traffic. We increase brand visibility. We increase the volumes of your e-commerce!

Marketing performance metrics and indicators.

Measuring results is essential for calibrating budgets and understanding where, if necessary, to target marketing efforts.
Among the most widely used metrics are Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate.

Click-Through Rate

CTR is equal to the number of clicks received divided by the number of times the ad is displayed Indicates the percentage of clicks generated by an ad from the ad or a specific link.

Conversion rate

How many of the recorded clicks actually resulted in a conversion: purchase, download, sign-up or subscription to a form, for example.