Online presence and digital

Being online today is essential to enhance the brand, reach potential customers and better target your business.

We design and develop
tailored digital strategies

Digital presence is crucial for any company, in any market it operates in. Online channels-whether websites, social or other platforms-are now the main tool for branding, reaching potential customers and targeting own business, and it is even more important that all components work in synergy to communicate, even visually, the same corporate message.
Companies entering the digital world must necessarily have a liquid marketing strategy, capable of embracing every channel and evolving rapidly according to market signals.
Internet & Idee has been at the side of companies eager to land in the digital world for more than twenty-five years: from strategic support to the development of web-based sites or applications, from the creation of e-commerce to the management of social channels to SEO optimization to excel on search engines. A staff of qualified people who can provide three hundred and sixty degrees of web services.
Internet users have more than doubled in the past decade, from 2.18 billion in 2012 to 4.95 billion today.
More than one in four people learn about new brands, products or services through social platforms.

Our priorities for providing you with an effective business tool

Scrupulous analysis of customer goals

We believe in and rely heavily on a thorough initial study. To provide each brand with a unique and effective experience.

Thorough design and development

Even before writing the code, adopting the most advanced technologies, we pay the utmost attention to the study of User Experience.

Scheduled maintenance and updates

We follow you even after release, because every product must evolve to meet the changing needs of the market and customers.

Entrust your online store to our e-commerce management

Our e-commerce management follows the entire production of targeted and customized content and advertising campaigns (DEM, Newsletter, Programmatic Advertising, Digital PR, SEO & SEM, etc.), helping the client to improve sales performance and foster the perception of the brand and its products. A team of analysts identifies key performance indicators, monitors critical issues, identifies buying behaviors and proposes or implements all actions to optimize each activity.

Effective SEO strategies

A good search engine optimization strategy becomes critical in the long run to bring traffic to the site without focusing exclusively on paid ads (search engine marketing). Search engine optimization enables long-lasting results, drastically improving value for money to get new customers.
Our SEO specialists, after an initial site audit, study the target industry and competitors by developing a functional business strategy. Using the most advanced tools, they identify the most suitable keywords to position the site in the highest positions of the SERP, offering continuous advice to always have the best performance and intervening promptly in case of problems found.