Energy and Utilities

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Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

The world of Energy and Utilities is characterized by an extreme speed of evolution, generating the need for operators in these sectors to structure and integrate business processes into an information system that knows how to optimize the business models pursued.

I&I knows the needs of market players, an example is our GeCO management software, aimed at the world of credit management, which is used in a natural way to satisfy all the needs of energy and utilities companies regarding Credit Management & Collection issues.

Furthermore, in this highly dynamic and competitive business context, the ability to innovate and renew oneself assumes fundamental importance: it is necessary to develop specific skills, dedicated software and build an ecosystem of solutions and professionalism around each of the projects to be implemented.

Hence the need to introduce artificial intelligence. The application areas are innumerable, as for example, home automation systems capable of regulating the temperature, humidity or lighting according to our habits, facilitating the management of homes, but above all, the real benefits that the 'AI is able to contribute to improve business efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenues, as well as the usefulness of the IoT applied in favor of sustainability and environmental impact.

In this regard, I&I, always in favor of innovative solutions and services that can contribute to the quality of life and the conservation of natural resources, is the exclusive supplier for the Italian market of the most innovative and complete product, based on artificial intelligence technologies, created in favor of the protection of birds in the areas dedicated to wind farms.

Thanks to the use of machine learning and deep learning techniques, NVbird is able to manage the detection and recognition of birds, in order to deter and prevent collisions with wind turbines. In addition, the product complies with the legislation that regulates its monitoring and trends, keeping noise pollution under control.

From here, listening to the needs of our customers and embracing the business objectives, we have gained that fundamental experience to guide, with solid foundations, the growth prospects of those who have chosen I&I as a technological partner.