E-commerce and multichanneling

We develop e-commerce portals adopting the most cutting-edge platforms, employing technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The new frontiers of e-Commerce

Online shopping is central today, so bien present on the web with a product/service proposition is crucial, both for traditional companies and DotComs.
Artificial intelligence applied to technologies such as Machine Learning, natural language processing, and the implementation of text and voice chatbots (Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa, popular name), now enables personalized and automated user shopping experiences that result in increased conversion rates, an overall improved experience, maximized ROI, and increased loyalty.
Algorithms that can collect data and profile more and more accurately are enabling the user to be proactively guided toward more informed and shoehorned purchases; the real challenge is to no longer have a showcase of products/services that is the same for all potential customers, but highly personalized, shaped to the tastes and buying power of each individual online store visitor.
The e-commerce revolution is not only about B2C (Business to Consumer) aimed at the end consumer, but also embraces B2B (Business to Business), with professional, typically corporate sales goals. The main trends in B2B e-commerce trace in part what has already been implemented in B2C models: a fulfilling shopping experience, the ability to complete purchases from mobile devices, and the adoption of enterprise marketplaces to create more evolved and vast ecosystems capable of attracting and engaging new audience segments and global markets.

By 2023, B2B e-commerce will account for more than 17 percent of global B2B revenue (Forrester Research).
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Multichannel strategies

More and more consumers make purchases by interacting across multiple sales channels: eCommerce, social, physical stores.
A proper integration of multiple promotion and sales channels allows to reach and satisfy the customer in a more capillary way, that's why, those who aim to do business by exploiting the electronic marketplace, cannot avoid introducing well-structured strategies that integrate, in a logical and coordinated way, the different business channels aimed at promoting and selling goods and services.
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The new frontiers of Social Commerce and Live shopping

The new frontier of online shopping is Social Commerce, or the growing trend, especially among younger people, to leverage social channels for their online purchases; several estimates attest that more than 60 percent of online consumers claim to have made at least one purchase through a social platform.
Hand in hand with Social Commerce and increasingly leveraging the sense of community, of closeness with the buyer, Live Shopping is also making its way into the European market, in which live video feeds on social - as was once the case with infomercials - create a direct and immersive experience with the buyer, allowing them to interact with instant polls, comments or asking questions to get answers in real time.
Social Commerce and Live Shopping represent the new frontiers of online shopping that stimulate impulse buying, solutions that enable online investors to minimize funnels and maximize sales by taking an empathetic and engaging approach.
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