The innovative detection and monitoring system that prevents the collision of birds with the blades wind turbines.

Nvbird is an innovative detection and monitoring system that prevents birds from colliding from wind turbines.

Internet & Idee, always in favour of innovative solutions and services that can contribute to the quality of life and the conservation of natural resources, is the exclusive supplier for Italy.



Nvbird, using machine learning and deep learning techniques, can handle the detection and recognition of birds to deter and prevent collisions against wind turbines.

An internationally awarded and distinguished system for the cutting-edge technologies with which it was developed. In fact, Nvbird is based on a powerful machine learning algorithm that, in collaboration with the latest cameras and powerful computers, can:

  • Recognizing protected birds
  • Analyses their flight path
  • Deters them with special sounds to make them change their direction of flight
  • And if that does not happen, it stops the wind turbine until the birds fly away
So Nvbird:
  • Minimizes the possibility that rare/protected birds may collide with wind turbines
  • Keeps noise and environmental pollution to a minimum
  • Does not fatigue generators with unnecessary shutdowns that cause extreme loads

Maximizes the productivity of the wind farm!



Nvbird solutions can be implemented in airports, solar parks, industrial buildings, ports, and agricultural crops. Also distinguished using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, they come with an intuitive interface and statistical tools useful for producing advanced reporting.
Some information about the Nvbird detection system follows:

  • Bird detection rate higher than 97.3 % In the object classification analysis
  • Less than 3% false positives detected using Al algorithms
  • Nvbird's reduced false-positive detection rate maximizes wind farm productivity by avoiding unnecessary outages
  • Nvbird is continuously updated, evaluated, and optimized to operate under the best conditions in each wind farm

A highly innovative solution that, thanks to the high reliability of the detection and deterrence systems used, protects the environment and maximizes the productivity of the park.
All this is possible thanks to the control of the shovels through OPC, which promotes their slowdown rather than their total blocking, which is carried out only in very rare cases.


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