The loyalty software for developing dedicated customer loyalty applications

Open Loyalty is a loyalty software for the development of dedicated Customer Loyalty applications for large-scale projects. It is a 100% customizable platform with ready to use loyalty and gamification features.

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Loyalty Program

Design and launch your dedicated and 100% customized loyalty program

Mobile Loyalty App

Develop your omnichannel loyalty program with a dedicated mobile application

Powered by Loyalty 4.0

Boost up your loyalty program with new and powerful loyalty and gamification features

Open Loyalty is the customer loyalty technology of the future. Fully customizable. Scalable. Open source.

A 100% customizable loyalty platform, with ready-to-use customer loyalty and gamification features, which are easy to set up and integrate, customizable in design and full of additional functionalities, ready to work online and offline.

Main Advantages


Quickly develop your loyalty program and reach the market before your competitors thanks to ready-to-use features and an open architecture


Powered by various scalability technologies, like Docker and Kubernetes, the platform is perfet to deal with large-scale projects

100% Customizable

With full access to the source code, you can easily customize each functionality according to your business needs

Developer Friendly

Comprehensive documentation, development models and a proven tech-stack offer an exceptional developer experience

Main Features

360° Customer Management

Manage your customers based on purchase history, behaviour and track their online and offline transactions

Levels Management

Define and manage loyalty levels based on spending or number of points


Manage your loyalty program through different ready-to-use cockpits or build your own.

Earning Rules

Define the rules that allow your customers to earn points and rewards based on specific interactions.

Reward Campaigns

Create and manage various types of rewards: discounts, coupons, cashback, gift cards and personalized gifts

API Libraries

Integrate your loyalty program with your current ecosystem to create an omnichannel loyalty experience

Open Loyalty is the loyalty platform of the future with ready-to-use features to interact online and offline with your customers. It can be easily integrated with any e-commerce system or used as a stand-alone solution for the financial, retail and utilities markets.

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