ISTQB® - Accredited Training Provider

I&I is ISTQB® providers in accredited training providers for Foundation courses in Italian and English language

ISTQB® - Accredited Training Provider

The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB®) represents an international organization whose purpose is to have a standard for certification of competencies in Software Testing; ISTQB has managed more than 1.2 million examinations and issued more than 845,000 certifications worldwide (figure updated to April 2023), making it a point of reference for multinationals and large companies in the IT, PA, TLC, Defence, Automotive, etc. world.
I&I is an accredited training provider ISTQB® for Foundation courses in Italian and English language, as well as ISTQB® is Platinum Partner in Italy for ITA-STQB (Italian Software Testing Qualifications Board)
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The Foundation
Level certification

certificato istqb
The Foundation Level certification is for all professionals who want to obtain a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing’s world. Developed for designers, analysts, engineers, consultants or other IT professionals related to the world of testing, it is in fact preparatory to access the next levels - Core, Advanced and Expert - as well as mandatory to take the Agile Tester exam or continue with certifications belonging to the stream Specialist.

I&I, accredited traning provider ISTQB® for this certification, is a point of reference for all companies wishing to become certified; our preparatory courses for the exams (which can be held later at one of the ITA-STQB offices, or online in 'remote proctoring' mode) are exclusively taught by qualified and certified teachers, as well as the teaching material provided is certified by ITA-STQB

The objective of the course

The course aims to define the processes and approaches, as well as to disseminate the notions that underlie Software Quality Assurance, defining a useful standard to facilitate communication, from a QA perspective, among all those involved in software development.
The course program is based on the Syllabus "ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level" version 2018 and covers the following topics
of Testing
Testing within the Software
Life Cycle (Waterfall/Agile)
Static Testing and the Review Process
Tools to Support Testing