Data-Driven Marketing: why your company needs a data strategy

Data-Driven Marketing: why your company needs a data strategy

Data-Driven Marketing: why your company needs a data strategy


What is Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing is an approach that combines the principles of traditional marketing with data collection and analysis technologies, such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to create commercial strategies tailored to the needs of a specific target.

A strategy based on data analysis allows marketing activities to drive corporate growth, building relationships with the most significant users and consolidating brand loyalty. Today it is possible to exploit data relating to users' online searches and their interactions on social media to create personalized marketing strategies, based on the involvement and emotional component of consumers. In addition to socio-demographic data, it is in fact possible to collect information on many aspects of a user's life: his habits, his hobbies, personal interests, online behavior. This allows you to build, together with the data of direct interaction with the company, a complete and detailed digital portrait of the user to plan more precise and effective multi-channel strategies.

The benefits and advantages deriving from Data-Driven Marketing are evident. The ability to plan marketing automation campaigns on profiled users translates into an increase in conversions and sales compared to traditional campaigns carried out on wider and lesser-known targets. The central point of this approach revolves around a personalized customer experience, since only with personalized experiences can engagement be improved and user loyalty increased.

Transform your company into a Data-Driven Company

It is essential for the growth of the company to adopt a data-driven approach. It is a strategic step that is capable of transforming every business process, from marketing to the management of internal resources, from financial transactions to the management of industrial machinery and IT systems.

Companies that let themselves be guided by data can make more effective strategic decisions, since they are based on objective information and not on personal feelings. The transformation into Data-Driven Company cannot however take place with technology alone, but with a deeper path that touches all company levels. It becomes important for business managers to have information that can help them anticipate the future and, taking marketing activities for example, it is no longer enough to analyze past metrics and statistics, but it is necessary to predict user behavior by knowing it habits and tastes.

What data do you need? A first part of the work consists in observing and understanding processes and behaviors and finding the correct way to quantify and measure them: how many customers do you have? when do they buy and how much do they spend? when were they born and what personalities do they have? After identifying the most important data for your business, you need to collect and analyze them, taking advantage of new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Web Analytics.

Data therefore become a fundamental pillar of the business strategy and must guide every project and activity from the beginning.