Enterprise Application Development and Maintenance

Strong of recognized know-how in business application development, we use the most modern and efficient technologies and design philosophies.

We design and develop applications
that grow your Business

The development of Enterprise Application is one of the most frequent scenarios in which we operate; we follow every phase of it, from preliminary analysis to development, from deployment to production, to training the resources called to interact with the software.
The agile development methodology allows us to approach development with gradual release of implementations; a flexible and dynamic approach in which the development team can continuously focus on improving the code by interfacing with the developer in a transparent manner throughout the development process. The agile methodology also allows us to make changes during any phase of the lifecycle, while also enabling easier documentation writing. Depending on the business case and the team designated to implement it, we make use of the best agile frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP).
We stand alongside private and Public Administration companies, with whom we work in partnership to meet the challenges of digitalization and globalization. Our technological solutions are always the result of analysis and study of the relevant markets, with an eye always on the continuous evolutions of the sector, thus managing to offer maximum professionalism.

UI/UX Design. A satisfying user experience

A Web or Mobile application fully performs its duty when it satisfies not only the functionality for which it was designed but gives a satisfying user experience.
Our UI/UX Design experts, in cooperation with developers, design theme-based, visual oriented, user interfaces capable of making interaction with layout elements as intuitive and immediate as possible, able to convey appropriately the "spirit" of the Web page or application always considering its technical purpose.

User Experience also very important for Google

Our goal is to verify that the software test satisfies pivotal and indispensable elements such as efficiency, reliability, security, and maintainability, as well as that it meets what is expected; to do so, we employ testing strategies and innovative testing tools.

UX/UI design for search engine optimization

From August 2021, Google will actively support websites that improve user experience in search results (Core Web Vitals).

Advertising campaigns better performers

User experience is also an important element in the Google ADS algorithm that manages paid advertising campaigns.
We propose effective and efficient solutions customized for our customer

DevOps. Automating and optimizing
to keep up with the times

The rapidity of application development is truly impressive, a speed that has forced companies to review their "modus operandi" to be present in the global market. DevOps methodologies are the key to revitalize application innovation. DevOps is a true cultural approach based on collaboration, integration and communication, in which the entire development cycle is revisited to create simplified processes that can contribute to overall productivity improvement.
Our experienced developers and solution architects apply DevOps logics by developing from the perspective of independent microservices that interact via APIs; they can be modified or eliminated, without affecting the entire application, as is the case in classic monolithic structures. The Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approach allows us to automate and standardize the steps required to release new software releases.
Internet & Idee, strong from its know-how of 25 years of experience, assists companies by providing them with services and features aimed to maximizing developer productivity in cloud and on-premise environments.

Our technologies

⚪ Kubernetes
⚪ Docker
⚪ Openshift Container Platform
⚪ Microsoft Azure
⚪ Google Cloud Platform
⚪ Ansible
⚪ Terraform