Cloud DevOps e Infrastructure Management

Helping customers to capture the potential offered by Cloud technologies is part of the corporate mission of Internet & Idee.

Cloud DevOps e Infrastructure Management

The rapidity of application development is truly impressive, a speed that has forced companies to review their "modus operandi" to be present in the global market. DevOps methodologies are the key to revitalize application innovation. DevOps is a true cultural approach based on collaboration, integration and communication, in which the entire development cycle is revisited to create simplified processes that can contribute to overall productivity improvement.
Our experienced developers and solution architects analyze processes, standardize them, and apply DevOps logic by developing from the perspective of independent cloud microservices that can talk to each other via APIs. An architecture in which services can be changed or deleted without invalidating the entire application, as happens in classic monolithic structures. Among the tools used: AWS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker.
Internet & Idee, strong from its know-how of 25 years of experience, assists companies by providing them with services and features aimed to maximizing developer productivity in cloud and on-premise environments.

The Agile Method sprint to optimize software implementation

DevOps practices with Agile methodologies focus on the concept of sprints to break down the workload into implementable portions in short periods; an approach that allows us to release product features to the customer for use right out of the box. To do this, we make use of innovative project management tools so as to simplify each process as much as possible.

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More agile processes

Speeding up processes means less delays on delivery, implementation, and resolution of eventual problems that may happen

Reduced financial costs

By being able to plan for and reduce inactivity of applications, systems, and resources, you can reduce IT costs and increase ROI

Responsive transformations

A well-designed infrastructure supports responsive change, responding quickly to business and/or administrative needs.