About I&I

The ideal technology partner to support companies on their digital transformation journey

Since 1998, I&I has been close to hundreds of companies engaged in digital transition and with a vision to expand their IT services by using certified professionals capable of creating value. In addition to technology support, we offer consulting and strategic planning services, the result of constant research, development and investment in new technologies.
For twenty-five years, professionalism and transparency have been the values that distinguish our individual steps, they are the principles that, before becoming the trademark of a group, fix the identity of each person in it, values that have become the cornerstone on which we build our market presence and win the trust of our clients.
about I&I
Our strengths? Technological know-how and a strong value system that fosters a climate of respect, collaboration and cooperation inside and outside the company.

Professionalism and transparency underlie everything we do, elements that are reflected in our daily commitment in being alongside each of our clients

With more than two hundred qualified professionals, I&I ensures the management of projects of any complexity, relying on distinctive skills and in-depth knowledge of the processes necessary for the proper conduct of all activities, for each business area and in specific market sectors.