Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test for your Business Security

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test for your Business Security

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test for your Business Security


The increasingly digitalized world in which we live cannot ignore information and technology security to face all the problems, challenges and dynamics of the digital business era.

Every company is called to protect its infrastructures, applications, data, devices and all those interconnected technologies that represent the attack surface.

The security of IT systems and networks, therefore, has assumed a strategic role, even at a market level, becoming an essential element to win customer trust and protect the business and the brand.


Why analyse the vulnerabilities of a IT system

In the context of Cyber ​​Security, when the integrity of a system, application or computer network is compromised, a vulnerability is found. Vulnerabilities are weaknesses that are detected within an infrastructure component and that can compromise the IT security of the entire system.

To identify the weaknesses of an IT system it is therefore necessary to analyse the vulnerabilities and structure an adequate intervention plan, aimed at the complete protection of the business.

From this analysis it will be possible to have a complete view of the problems that can compromise the activity, generating, in the worst cases, loss of sensitive data or the block of production, with consequent economic and image damage, which can also lead to the loss of credibility and customers.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is one of the first techniques used in the analysis of vulnerabilities and involves the execution of automated and semi-automated scans aimed at identifying the weak points of the system. These tests allow to obtain a complete list of the present weaknesses and to structure the solutions to be adopted to strengthen the cyber defense.

These scans are subsequently integrated with manual checks carried out by Cyber ​​Security specialists, aimed at eliminating the false positives and negatives that may have been introduced by the automatic analysis tools.


Penetration test

Penetration Test is another widely used technique which consists in exploiting the vulnerabilities detected by the VA to evaluate the effectiveness of the defenses and, consequently, to fine-tune the security policies.

It is therefore an in-depth analysis that verifies the level of penetration that can be reached through the internal and external weaknesses of the system, making use of tools and techniques typical of a real scenario.

Through simulated attacks, it is possible to verify the behavior of a system under attack shown, without compromising the operation, the effects of a threat for which the relative vulnerability has been identified.


Cyber ​​Security for complete business protection

All companies risk being the victim of a cyber attack and for this they should invest in Cyber ​​Security. In fact, monitoring the vulnerabilities and the security level of a system has become a real necessity, to guarantee the protection of the business and to secure company data and production.

Through the use of these types of tests it is possible to make an objective assessment of the defensive barriers of the entire IT system. Planning the VA and Penetration Test activities over time also makes it possible to standardize the process, in order to continuously verify the security of the entire company perimeter and effectively implement defenses.

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