SMART & RESTART: a new challenge for I&I

SMART & RESTART: a new challenge for I&I

SMART & RESTART: a new challenge for I&I


I&I launches its new line of commercial offers for small and very small companies throughout the country with the aim of breaking down the technological barriers that are still present.

The SMART & RESTART offer arises from the engineering and integration of I&I high added value products and services and is aimed at supporting remote operations, smart working and multi-channel sales, through customized digital solutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire world economy to its knees and only those equipped with suitable digital tools and platforms have managed to mitigate the damage. Hence the new SMART & RESTART commercial offer: a wide range of services and products for a complete digital transformation, at competitive costs that can be faced by all companies.

The offer consists of four modular solutions according to your needs, in detail:

  • BE A DIGITAL COMPANY: to ensure the digital presence of the company as well as the physical presence;
  • SMART WORKING & BUSINESS CONTINUITY: to equip companies with agile infrastructures, independent of the location, and guarantee business continuity;
  • MULTICHANNEL E-COMMERCE: to equip companies with systems to increase and manage their sales channels;
  • TRAINING: to train company personnel on new technologies and work methods.

The new challenge of I&I is to support entrepreneurs, even the smallest ones, with solutions aimed at a complete digital transformation of the company, to ensure business continuity and overcome periods of crisis.

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