E-commerce done right: the new trends for your marketing strategy

E-commerce done right: the new trends for your marketing strategy

E-commerce done right: the new trends for your marketing strategy


The success of e-commerce is now undisputed all over the world.

The statistics and all the studies available online confirm the constant growth of online shopping. An industry with large numbers even in Italy, which, in 2017, recorded an increase of 17% over the previous year on the value of purchases.The number of transactions has increased, as well as the sectors where you can buy goods and services from the comfort of your home, just with a click. The online shopping habits have also changed; smartphone has become the most used means and it is increasingly replacing desktop usage.

In this scenario, what are the must-have tools for the growth of our e-commerce?

  • Smart Chatbots

    ​More and more consumers are demanding immediate and customized answers to their curiosities and requests. To offer an excellent customer care service and meet the customers’ needs chatbots may aid us. A chatbot is a software that simulate a conversation between a robot and a human being, a functional and supportive service that is able to respond in real time and in the most relevant way possible, through the main messaging platforms.

  • Social media integration

    For those who manage an e-commerce, social media are a fundamental tool both in a logic of customer care, to relate with its customers, and for their use within the marketing strategy. They are important for branding, for pre-sales, after-sales and for SEO and that is why they should be integrated into a marketing plan, without being considered as a separate channel.

  • Apps and Augmented Reality

    Mobile apps offer a better browsing experience for the user along with better content availability. Considering that the mobile is taking the upper hand compared to the desktop, apps allow users to perform a series of operations that may be less simple and direct if you browse a site from a mobile device. Do not underestimate the push notifications that allow you to further engage users, and the augmented reality apps to try out virtual products and improve the shopping experience.

  • One-click payments

    The fast payment method known also as one-click payment is a very convenient method that allows you to make purchases without entering each time the data of your credit card or your PayPal account. Simplifying the conversion process with just a few clicks, less questions and a fast payment method could contribute to the impulse buying via smartphone and consequently to increase in sales.

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