Adobe Experience Manager: the future of customer experience is now

Adobe Experience Manager: the future of customer experience is now

Adobe Experience Manager: the future of customer experience is now


I&I is proud to announce the partnership agreement with Adobe, the American software house leader in the supply of innovative tools and solutions.

The achievement of the status of Bronze Solution Partner, available on the official Adobe website dedicated to partners, has allowed I&I to have powerful digital tools, including Adobe Experience Manager, one of the best CMS on the market.

Adobe Experience Manager: the CMS of the future

Adobe Experience Manager is the Content Management System designed and built by Adobe to meet the business needs of managing content and digital resources in a modern, fast, efficient, scalable and market-oriented way.

The solution aims to meet the needs of medium and large companies and, in particular, of all organizations that need to integrate a flexible platform into their systems that can be used simultaneously by marketers and developers, ensuring an optimal, constant flow of content. and that encourages customer loyalty.

An omnichannel revolution

Today, Adobe Experience Manager represents a real revolution in the CMS market. One of the main strengths is its omnichannel nature, capable of giving the user the important ability to create content only once, reusing it over and over again, on any channel.

Added to this is a sophisticated artificial intelligence system, able to monitor the user experience and provide the company with the tools it needs to meet customer expectations.

Adobe Experience Manager is therefore a powerful combination of features for managing content and digital assets to support the entire customer life cycle, based on five fundamental pillars:

  • Sites is an artificial intelligence-based content management system that offers robust, scalable and secure features to create and deliver personalized experiences, on any touch point;
  • Assets is an integrated asset management system for managing images and videos, supported by automated and intelligent tools, to quickly acquire, adapt and distribute assets for various audiences and channels.
  • Mobile offers companies the possibility to produce and manage all mobile apps from a single point, reducing time-to-market and immediately involving their audience;
  • Forms is a cloud-native, agile and scalable solution for corporate documents and forms that allows you to acquire and process information, provide personalized communications and protect sensitive information;
  • Communities allows you to quickly create forums, blogs, sharing groups to improve user interaction with the site and convert visitors into active members of the community, educating them to know the brand.

Adobe provides the best Customer Experience Management (CXM) technology available, which is why, for the fourth consecutive year, it positions itself as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for digital experience platforms published by Gartner: rightmost for "completeness of vision" and in first place for "ability to execute".



An opportunity to overcome the digital challenges

By combining the power of Adobe Experience Manager with the industry knowledge and integration experience of I&I, you can improve your digital marketing strategies and create dynamic experiences to deliver compelling content to the right audience at the right time. Together, I&I and Adobe can therefore help companies overcome the challenges of the digital age, responding quickly to changes and generating value.

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