Web Security: Why install an SSL Certificate

Web Security: Why install an SSL Certificate

Web Security: Why install an SSL Certificate


A few months ago, Google has updated its algorithm by increasing the visibility of websites with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, giving a real breakthrough to privacy and security issues.

The main system for information transmission on the web has always be http: Every time a user requests any web page uses this protocol, both to make the request to the server, that hosts the page, and to receive data coming as response from the server.

The SSL certificate supply information encryption during the transfer. With this certificate only the browser and the servers will understand the information transmitted, safeguarding their disclosure from hacker attacks.

By adding an SSL certificate to the site, the domain will be introduced by https and a green label will mark the site as "safe" and Google will reward it by improving the placement of search results.

Furthermore, the certificate is not only a matter of security but also of reputation. A site with https protocol will be perceived trusted by the user, who will be more willing to leave personal information when registering, paying, logging in, or even loading private documents.

For integration and annual renewal of the certificate, the assistance of a specialized sector is crucial, I&I provides the necessary support for the delivery of these activities.

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