Is your business ready for Digital Transformation?

Is your business ready for Digital Transformation?

Is your business ready for Digital Transformation?


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the evolution of processes, skills and business models to take full advantage of the opportunities and capabilities of new digital technologies.

The integration of these technologies into the business is a process that involves important changes in terms of culture, management, organization and interaction with the market. A challenge that every company is required to face in order to stay ahead of its competitors and that calls the company itself to a crucial task: renew itself and radically transform its models and processes.

Why do businesses need Digital Transformation?

In order to respond effectively to the needs of new markets and not to lag behind the competition, every company should replace traditional approaches with digital experiences that successfully integrate emerging technologies.

Digital transformation for companies has therefore become a necessity, rather than a choice. The market expects every business and commercial activity to be able to offer increasingly efficient and innovative digital services, forcing companies to evolve, adapting to new consumption models.

Focusing on change and on more agile models allows companies to achieve important results. The modernization of the internal aspects of the company must follow in parallel the evolution of technologies in order to:

  • improve processes and automate simpler operations, for a more effective use of the internal resources;
  • reaching new sales markets;
  • build customized and innovative experiences to meet the needs and demands of today's and tomorrow's customers.

Three phases of Digital Transformation

The digital transformation process is different for every company but it is always necessary to consider some fundamental points.

Plan a strategy that is appropriate to the company. Where does the company want to go and what technologies can help it? Before starting, you need to understand what you are starting from and what you want to achieve. It is also important to analyze the resources available and evaluate which ones can be used in the digital transformation process, not excluding a corporate reorganization on several levels.

Invest in employee training. There are many advantages that a company can get from a business training program. Regarding digital transformation, specific competences are provided on new technologies that help improve production processes.

Replace traditional technologies. The maintenance of obsolete and not adaptable technology to the demands of new markets often translates into the use of large amounts of money that slow down the digital evolution of the entire company. Making your business infrastructure smarter by using artificial intelligence solutions can help your business transform faster.

Prepare your Digital Transformation with I&I

Digital transformation is a complex process that requires planning and restructuring of all internal aspects of the company, from business processes to infrastructures, from software to continuous training of personnel.

In this scenario, Internet & Idee is supporting companies by providing IT solutions and specific skills in order to achieve a successful transformation based on three results: innovation, agility and efficiency.

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