Digital Marketing: the winning strategy for the growth of your business

Digital Marketing: the winning strategy for the growth of your business

Digital Marketing: the winning strategy for the growth of your business


Digital Marketing can be defined as the main tool for the growth and success of your business. A growing number of companies understand this potential and consequently invest a large part of their budget in digital marketing activities, which are capable of improving their brand reputation and ensuring an increase in competitiveness on the market.

According to Trend Digital Marketing 2017, a study conducted by Digital Coach on the Italian market, 55.5% of companies confirmed that the tool on which they would invest their budget would be online advertising. This shows a clear increase in the awareness, on the part of Italian professionals and managers, of the potential and importance of this increasingly strategic tool for the growth of their business.

For small and medium-sized companies, online advertising may be the only way to compete with global companies. Digital marketing is in fact also accessible to those who do not have a high budget and cannot afford the necessary costs for traditional marketing campaigns. Innovation and creativity are the keywords that every company should set in its digital strategy, in order to be competitive and to better face increasingly demanding challenges.


The importance of digital marketing

Advertising on the Internet has become a crucial aspect for every type of business, e-commerce above all, because of the huge amount of research (about 3.5 billion) that are made every day on the web to find solutions, answers or just information.

Being present on the web is therefore of fundamental importance for any company that intends to reach potential customers. However, it is not enough to have just a website or a social page. Each channel must be supported by incisive online advertising campaigns, designed and implemented according to business needs.


The indispensable tools

To make themselves known and reach potential customers, there are different types of tools and solutions, which can be cataloged according to the budget and the channels on which they intend to invest. However, it safe to affirm that there are two essential tools: Google Adwords and Social Advertising.

The importance of Google Adwords derives essentially from two factors. A campaign launched with the aid of this tool will be visible on the most famous and used search engine in the world, a factor certainly determined, considering the amount of searches performed every day. The other big advantage is its usability and the chance to monitor results immediately, thanks to a user-friendly interface offered by Google.

Social media are nowadays an integral tool in people's lives, from ordinary users to large companies. This has radically changed the way of approaching potential customers, leading to the development of strategies aimed at improving the quality of content and increasing brand visibility on social media. Social Advertising is the ideal tool for those who do not have enough time to conduct daily social activities, which require constant interaction with users. Paid campaigns carried out on social media (Facebook and Instagram in particular) can be high-performance even for short and limited periods of time, thanks to their flexibility and the ability to filter users, basing the campaign on parameters such as age, geographical location and interests.

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