Cyber Security World Asia 2022: I&I's participation

Cyber Security World Asia 2022: I&I's participation

Cyber Security World Asia 2022: I&I's participation


I&I has always believed in the personal and professional growth of its resources, investing in training and participating in the most important international events and industry fairs.
Recent example, the certifications obtained by some of our colleagues in the field of Cyber Security followed by the participation in the prestigious industry event in the APAC area: Cyber Security World Asia - Singapore.
In this regard, we are pleased to share some statements from the participants:

Working for this fair was a fantastic experience from multiple points of view.
It was an event where Internet & Idee measured itself on par with big and important realities of the cyber security scene, receiving a lot of interest and success both with the public attending the fair and with other exhibitors. On a human level, it was a very productive and rewarding experience, spent with very active colleagues, who always made everyone feel involved, both in the various phases of work and in the purely recreational ones.

It was an educational and stimulating experience that allowed me to test myself with great realities of the industry.
I thank I&I for giving me this opportunity and to the whole group for making this an unforgettable experience.

This experience was very useful and stimulating and allowed me to confront myself with great realities that I was not aware of before. Every day there was a chance to approach new people and make I&I's name stand out in the APAC area as well. I thank I&I for giving me this opportunity and the whole group for making this an unforgettable experience.
#roadtosingapore was an exceptional work, educational and personal experience.
We all had to prepare ourselves to deal with a market that was unfamiliar to us both from a business and interpersonal point of view.
Dealing with different cultures and different ways of thinking is the best way to broaden one's horizons and view/analyze problems from a different point of view.
Expanding our horizons with this trip was the first step necessary to expand our boundaries in the future.

Participating in a world event, in one of the most cosmopolitan major cities on the globe, was a valuable and extraordinary experience!
I&I in Singapore grabbed the attention of visionary stakeholders and curious passersby thanks to the brilliant intuition of Carlo, creator of the message "Italians do IT better" .
I&I has thus done great business, branding for the area and for the organization. Now it is more ready than ever to enter international markets, paying the usual attention to the goals of territorial development and employee growth.

Participating in this fair and representing the company in another country, especially Singapore, was a great and fantastic experience. On my professional level this was a big step, being among those big companies and meeting important people in the cyber security landscape had a great impact on me as a new and enthusiast person in this field. Each day was more challenging and more successful than the other, as the interest for our company was growing from both sides' visitors and other exhibitors too. Besides professional part this was an extraordinary experience including a lot of funny and unforgettable moments with great colleagues and in the same time great friends.
Thank you, I&I, for this opportunity and the whole group for making this experience so beautiful.

Being part of one of the biggest and most important events in the Cyber Security field, where I had to represent myself, part of the company in a professional way, I can say that it was a very great experience that led me in integrity and closer acquaintance with the largest companies in Singapore.
The real challenge was the fact that we had to present our company in a sector where each company seemed to have created its own ground, but I think we did it in the best way possible.
This was a very important step ahead in my professional career and I am thankful to I&I for this opportunity and to all the team for making this a wonderful experience.

I&I's internationalization strategy continues. Growing beyond our own borders trying to penetrate new markets, finding new customers and partners abroad is an element that has now become necessary to expand the company's business. The desire to "export" the know-how of all of us outside the national scene remains firm, with the awareness that we are perceived as UNIQUE and not comparable to our competitors.
Expo Singapore 2022 represents a step after Albania, but certainly not the last, and the future will see us ALL increasingly involved in the internationalization process.

Participating in the Cyber Security World Asia was a great opportunity for I&I, another chance to compare ourselves with international realities, present services and expand our target market in the APAC area. These experiences allow us to contaminate and broaden our minds. Opening offices in Singapore will be one of the goals for I&I in the 2023-2024 biennium.

Keep following us to stay updated on upcoming events and contact us now for a consultation with our cyber security experts.

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