Celebrated the 25th anniversary of I&I

Celebrated the 25th anniversary of I&I

Celebrated the 25th anniversary of I&I


1998-2023: twenty-five years of vision, growth and passion.

2023 is a particularly special year for I&I, in fact May marks the twenty-fifth anniversary since its founding. A special occasion celebrated together with all the people who revolve around our reality: corporate community, clients, partners, friends and family.

The goal of the event was to celebrate together, but also to concretely demonstrate I&I's commitment to social issues. To this end, the company has entered into a charitable partnership with "La Terra di Piero," a voluntary association that is actively engaged in providing concrete help to the most needy, championing important works of solidarity.

At the “Teatro di Tradizione Alfonso Rendano" in Cosenza, the association staged the show "Foraffascinu". The evening was full of emotions and moments of reflection. The company's actors, with their biting irony typical of Cosenza people, addressed important issues such as integration, self-acceptance in all forms and the removal of all those cultural barriers that hinder inclusion.

At the end of the show, our CEO Carlo Stumpo thanked all those present, inviting guests to participate in convivial refreshments, a special evening to share an important milestone achieved and toast together to the years to come.

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