Cosmogel’s new e-commerce is now online

Cosmogel’s new e-commerce is now online

Cosmogel’s new e-commerce is now online


Specialized in the production and sale of professional cosmetic products, Cosmogel S.r.l. has chosen to have a clear and strong presence on the web by relying on our e-commerce experts.

The e-commerce developed for Cosmogel S.r.l. is aimed at the consumers but above all at the sector operators, thanks to the presence of a B2B area dedicated exclusively to distributors and hairdressers.

From a technical point of view, the e-commerce is powered by an advanced search feature that allows to significantly improve the user experience and the purchasing process, which turns into a real journey; simple, intuitive and highly personalized. Specifically, thanks to the advanced features of the site, a user will be able to search for their favorite fragrance based on the type of fragrance desired.

The design and each graphic element has also been treated with particular care. From the chromatic choice to the layout structuring, every detail is designed to tell the brand and to give the right value to the products, which present themselves to the public in an elegant and essential way.

To achieve this goal, a photo shoot was carried out on the entire catalog. We have followed every phase of the shooting with care and precision, from the framing to the preparation of the set, up to the production and post-production phases, where each photo has been carefully processed in order to obtain a high-quality professional result.

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