We know that our work is a teamwork: we are committed to building winning teams for us and for our customers!

The availability of skills and resources for the third-party projects development is an area of great interest for Internet & Idee.

The activities carried out over the years and the amount of experience gained allows us to be now able to make available our resources to external projects. We follow both the turnkey project on behalf of clients and the on-site resources allocation by the client and nearshore outsourcing projects.

Our consultants are selected by specific criteria which ensure the highest standard of profiling. After the recruitment a learning process takes place within our company, for preparing the consultant to reach the desired standard. Therefore, we examine, together with the profiles within our availability, the customer's request, and in case of affinity we propose the asset to the costumer. We tend to optimize the allocation of the consultants on jobs so that they can increase the knowledge and the cultural background in order to have highly skilled and trained staff on different technologies. We know that our job is a team effort and we want to make sure to build winning teams.

The main activities that we carry out in outsourcing are: