Business and IT

Business & IT are increasingly the winning combination of companies that know how to renew themselves and anticipate the times.


Consulting and solutions for managing systems, processes and ICT services.

Mobile App

A growing industry to seize the most promising challenges and trends of the future.

Intelligence and Analytics

Decisions are founded upon knowledge. Extracting knowledge from business information is one of our primary strategies.


Helping customers to capture the potential offered by Cloud technologies is part of the corporate mission of Internet & Idee.

Enterprise Application

With a strong know-how recognized in the development of Enterprise applications, we use the most modern and efficient design technologies and philosophies.

Cyber Security

The digital innovation process of companies cannot disregard the Cyber ​​Security component in order to safeguard their business.


By using the best web marketing techniques, business can grow and achieve amazing results and extraordinary performance.

QA and Testing

QA and testing activities are crucial for the development and maintenance of a software application, especially if it presents a high level of complexity.